Habib was captivated by sound at an early age. His fascination evolved from growing up listening to gaitas, music from his native Venezuela, to studying at Berklee College of Music, to interning at Chicago Recording Company. At CRC Habib immersed himself in the workings of the largest independent studio in the country and doubled as the in-house handyman during off hours. The transition from a creative and diverse artistic hub to the matter-of-fact operations of the corporate music industry, prompted a realization.

His creative expression needed to combine sound and his emerging woodworking and industrial design skills. Having no desire to join the corporate scene, and no plan to pay the bills, he followed in the steps of his carpenter great-grandfather and began designing and hand-crafting home furniture. Almost a year later he reached the natural intersection between audiophile, audio engineer and woodworker when the first LEV prototype came out of his workshop.